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About Litter Busters

Weybridge Litter Busters was founded in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic after locals saw an increase in littering and wanted to do something to reverse the trend.   Some volunteers have been litter picking for years, often alone.  This site was established to connect people.


We could have called ourselves 'litter pickers', but we believe in building communities that don't drop litter. We are litter busters.  It is a sign of failure when Litter Busters have to go picking.

The group is made up of volunteers who want to work together to combat waste and littering. We are not a charity.  Join us or take part, and if you are a business, club or charity that wants to partner or sponsor us, please hit the Join us and take action button.


Or, if you simply want to get in touch with an idea click on the envelope below and send an email to

James East, co-ordinator.

Men Volunteering
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