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Clean-up events

There are loads of people willing to get out there to give Mother Nature a helping hand.

Every so often we will organise a mass clean up. These will might be a Spring Clean or a Summer's Over Spruce Up.


Or there could be a special clean-up of a place that needs attention.  We'll put the details here when we are holding the next one. 

Trash Pick-Up

But if you want to mobilise your own clean up connect with other Litter Busters on our Facebook page and set one up. The purpose of Litter Busters is to empower you to make a change.

There are also groups of volunteers who go out each week to clean designated streets and public areas.  If you want to join one then visit our useful sites page for more information.

At any of these events you can expect to meet like-minded people and feel that sense of satisfaction that comes with a job done well, together.​  


Don't forget to stay safe by following our guidelines​ and bringing the right equipment.

Checkout our Litter Busters  Facebook page

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