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Adopt a street or space

What if each person, family or business volunteered to keep one street, or public space clean?  Weybridge has over 330 streets, roads, drives and avenues and a population of 15,000, so we could do it!  

Once people see their streets - and open spaces  - clean and that people are busting the litter problem it could help build momentum to defeat the litterers for good. 

Go on, adopt your street, area, or open space and join others already doing it. 

Look at the map below. If a street, or area, is taken it will be marked green. If it is red, or unmarked, then that area needs a volunteer/s.  If your street is already taken please volunteer to adopt another one!  Touch the map shapes to see what pops up!   If it's orange, we're half way there, and need some extra help.

Once you have adopted a space, your first name will be added to the map (but no other details)!   You will be part of a community busting litter in Weybridge. *

All you have to do is. . .

  • Take a regular walk down your street or open space, pick up any litter, then throw it in the appropriate public or home bin

  • Pick up litter when you see it, anywhere

  • Encourage friends to adopt a street or space

  Zoom in. Click on an area to see a pop-up with photos &  info  

* If you live in a long or busy road, why not team up with others and do a regular clean, or divide the road into sections and adopt one of them?  We recognise that some areas will take more than one volunteer to keep them clean.  On the map each park and open space will be marked green once it has enough volunteers.  On the map you can click on each public area to see a description and how many people we think are needed to keep that place clean.

This is all entirely voluntary. No-one will be chasing you to go out and collect litter. 

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