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Unleash your activism

There are so many ways to promote a healthy environment

Here are some ideas:

  • Win over shops and businesses:   Ask them to switch away from non-recyclable products and harmful plastics and ask customers not to litter.

  • Urge councils and the police to prosecute those who litter, especially fly tippers, and to put in place measures designed to catch offenders.

  • Ask Elmbridge Borough Council to put in more bins and empty them, and ensure proper signage to remind people to keep Weybridge tidy.

  • Partner with Clubs to keep our waterways, embankments and sports fields clean.

  • Educate adults and children about the social and environmental harm littering does. When children learn to protect the environment and get active helping, they pass on their passion to the next generation - their parents.

Environment Activists Protest

Fly tipping on Desborough Island

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