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Health and Safety

  • Avoid picking sharp glass, syringes or dangerous items. Personal safety is paramount. Never put yourself at risk. Take a photo, record the location and let the council know so they can collect it.

  • Wear good quality gloves (gardening or likewise) and a hi visibility vest in addition to clothing suitable for the weather conditions.  Wilko are selling them at a good price.

  • Watch out for traffic and leave litter on busy roads and verges to the professionals.

  • Always supervise small children.

  • Wash your hands when you are finished picking.

  • Snack and drinks to keep your energy levels up

  • Contact the council if you see something you can't personally deal with

  • Be sure to follow current government guidance on COVID-19 especially for social distancing and ensure you are disinfecting any equipment before sharing it.  Do not collect discarded facemasks or PPE unless this can be done safely.

Suggested equipment and clothing

  • If you are going on a litter pick with friends you might want to think about taking three separate bags - like these - for plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and general litter. 

  • Taking a litter picker or grabber saves on back-ache.  Use a good one as cheap ones break.

  • Bag hoops help keep the mouth of your bags open.

  • Appropriate footwear (e.g. boots if the weather is bad) and clothing, and hat and suncream for when it's hot

  • You might also want to take your mobile phone to snap before and after shots, capture fly tipping locations, or those proud moments with your fellow litter busters.  Sharing your images on social media can help get the anti-littering message out there.

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